Enhanced Due Diligence Reports for Compliance Professionals


In today’s fast-paced business world, organisations are faced with the increasing challenge of managing regulatory, reputational and compliance risks while trying to build and grow their business. It becomes essential to understand the reach and nexus of the Individual with whom we are entering into the business relationship.

Enhanced Due Diligence Reports

Bankers are required to perform the enhanced due diligence where there is an involvement of Politically exposed person. Growing demands on internal resources often cause delays in clearing clients or prospective business partners, damaging the relationship and, at times, missing what could have been valuable to assess the business opportunities.

Political Nexus

Biznexxus provide the Enhanced Due Diligence Report on the registered Indian companies. Our enhanced due diligence report consider different possibilities in which Politically Exposed Persons operate in the business world. Some of the possibilities which our report considers are

Political Competition

One of the significant considerations in Enhanced Due diligence report is to analyse the companies where more than one politicians from different parties are involved. The picture sketched by media about the cut-throat competition may not be true always. There are politicians which represent rival political parties but they do the business together. Sometimes the business is family business but the political parties are different.

Party Politics

Another consideration in Enhanced Due Diligence report is to analyse the companies where more than one politicians from the same political party are involved. This type of report shows the ties that the politicians from the party enjoys with each other in the business.

Historical Associations

When the politicians have to excercise their political clout or power, they get associated with certain companies for a short period of time and once the benefit is passed on to the company or when the event is completed then they prefer to resign. Biznexxus reports consider these associations in the Enhanced Due Diligence Reports.

Regulatory Actions

Our enhanced due diligence reports consider the regulatory actions by various authorities in India. We rarely rely on the media events to understand the regulatory actions. Some of the most prominent aspects of the regulatory actions are


Biznexxus enhanced due diligence reports cover the data on Sanctions by Securities Exchange Board of India, Reserve Bank of India and other agencies such as Income Tax Authorities. This helps the clients to understand the risk involved in the transaction.

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